Social rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation — a set of activities aimed at rehabilitation and improving the functional capability of people and their inclusion in the society.

Beneficiaries of social rehabilitation

  • People with functional disorders at able-bodied age (15 to 62)
  • Other groups as stipulated by the national legislation

Rehabilitation services

  • Consultations
  • Underwater massage
  • Medical treatment baths
  • Circular / Charcot showers
  • Pool
  • Exercises – aerobics, water aerobics etc
  • Therapeutic applications – mud, clay, paraffin, mountain wax
  • Massage
  • Physical Therapy
  • Sling Therapy
  • Salt Therapy
  • Steam Bath
  • Nordic Walking
  • Fitness hall etc.

Driving school and car adaptation

  • Issuing conclusions on necessity to adapt the car
  • Theoretical and practical instruction (“B” level driving licence)
  • Car adaptation for people with disabilities

Day Care Centre for people with intellectual disabilities

  • Social care services
  • Social skills development
  • Leisure time activities
  • Integration in the labour market – job simulation or finding jobs